10 Ways to Master the Art of Perfect Timing!

“Master the art of perfect timing and you will control the trajectory of your life!”
-Trey Boyer

It has been said that time is an illusion, but TIMING is an art.
Mastering the art of perfect timing will affect your relationships with others, elevate you to profound levels of achievement professionally, and can open doors for you that otherwise would remain closed.  
The following 10 strategies will cultivate a culture of perfect timing in your life!


The art of knowing how to read people effectively is an absolute game changer.
One of the most egregious mistakes that you can make is to interrupt someone when they are speaking. It shows a complete lack of respect and there is nothing that can erode a relationship quicker than when you believe what you have to say is so important that it can’t wait.
On the other hand, when you allow someone to finish their thought, you are building a bridge that will allow for the most conducive discourse.
So, what is the best technique that I can utilize to communicate with others most effectively? One of the most efficacious means that you use to achieve rewarding outcomes is to study a person’s eyes. Take notice of how a person’s eyes tend to go from side to side when they are in a middle of a thought. It is usually only when they are finished with a thought that they will then make direct eye contact again. In addition, you can observe an individual’s facial expressions. This is an extremely valuable technique in knowing when to hold your tongue and when to express yourself.
For example, if you are wanting to have an important conversation with someone, but you notice that they appear to be completely disinterested, wait for another day. To the contrary, if they are beaming and grinning from ear to ear, that is your que to step up.


The very essence of success is interconnected with momentum!
Have you ever had one of those days where you are hitting green lights at every intersection? As you master the art of perfect timing, your life could be one green light after another.  

Simply put, learn how to capture momentum, and watch your life transfer to a level few could ever dream of attaining.
Success breeds success in that the more you win, you become an unstoppable force.
Imagine Niagara Falls with a drop off of nearly 170 feet as it comes gushing straight down with incredible strength and power. When a current of water takes a determined direction, the current becomes so strong that everything in its path becomes subservient to its will.
THAT is the type of power that you can have once you begin to channel your focus!


The art of timing is your most valuable resource, so know for certain how you are spending yours.
“You can waste your money and you are only out of money. However, waste your time and you’ve lost part of your life.”
-Michael LeBoeuf
Have clearly defined objectives each day and know for certain what it is that you want to accomplish. Being objective oriented is so important because it will speak to the quality of life that you can absolutely own.
Think about this, if you saved 20 minutes a day, you would save 100 extra minutes a week. In a month’s time you could save over 6.5 hours which equates to nearly one whole workday.
Discipline yourself to be a wise consumer of how you are spending your time and focus your efforts accordingly!


QT stands for Quality Time. Be alert as to how efficient you are with your time less you miss some of life’s most advantageous opportunities.
One of the most fundamental differences between successful individuals and those who are not, resides in their ability to recognize what priorities should receive top billing. This requires an acute awareness of how to stand out without burning out. Simply put, you must incorporate a work/life balance that enables you to have proper perspective and enjoy the life you have been given.
It is imperative that you make time to have time to enjoy the most precious blessing in life or you will one day have more regrets than fond memories. For example, you don’t take a vacation to escape life, but you take a vacation to ensure that life doesn’t escape you. Therefore, be mindful of creating a balanced life that encompasses a beautiful landscape of many wonderful and impactful experiences.
In ancient Greece, they used two forms of time. The first was Chronos, which simply referred to chronological or sequential time. The second was a term they coined as Kairos, which stood for a significant moment in time. Several examples of Kairos events could be the birth of a child, graduation day, a memorable vacation, or perhaps a job promotion.
The special moments in life are the ones that you treasure, so make as many Kairos moments in your life as possible!


Life can either be all about near misses or capitalizing on life changing moments that can change your future.
If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it, if you don’t ask the answer will always be no, and if you don’t take a step forward, you will always be in the same place.”
-Nora Roberts
This does not mean to go to Las Vegas and gamble over the weekend, but for taking calculated risks. If you are not willing to be a risk taker, you will never capture the most advantageous blessings in your life which can only be embraced by seizing opportunistic situations.


When opportunity comes knocking, you must be ready to open the door and invite it in!
Most successful individuals do not necessarily have more intelligence, experience, or talent. What they DO HAVE are very good instincts. When they see a potential opportunity, their sense of timing assures that they are the first ones through.
Great opportunities are limited, and you must seize them when they are presented!


It can be very advantageous to connect with individuals who are influential or are associated with those who are.
A key component to having great timing is in knowing what is going to happen before the rest of the world. For example, the best journalists are typically very well connected and are the first to break a big story because of their connections.
You can be one step ahead of your contemporaries by listening to voices that are in the know. 


There is a story worth telling of someone who capitalized on ideal timing and who was able to use their knowledge to find their niche.
This individual was inspired to develop video telephone software after hearing Bill Gates speak at a conference in Japan. They were employed at Cisco Systems and began developing a smartphone-friendly video conferencing system. This is where the story takes an interesting turn. Their idea was rejected by Cisco management, but they were convinced that what they knew could be revolutionary to how people communicated. They chose to part ways with Cisco and started their own company to be named Zoom Video Communication. Eric Yuan took his company public in 2019 and his timing could not have been more ideal with the outbreak of the COVID epidemic. Eric’s technology made it possible for people to conduct business from their home and for educators to teach students online when schools began to close.  His net worth increased 360% overnight and people were able to successfully communicate and network across the globe. It is illustrations like this that you can use to inspire you to pair ideal timing with finding your own unique niche. Quite possibly, you could change the landscape in your field of expertise and enhance people’s quality of life by doing so.


The reality of life is that life can either happen to you or it can happen for you
Step out of the known and embrace the unknown. Realize that change can be uncomfortable, but nothing is as uncomfortable as staying where you don’t belong.
Take on the mentality that you will not play it safe, but you will instead choose to take a leap of faith for something better. Eric Yuan is a great example of someone who could have played it safe and chosen to remain with a company where he received a guaranteed paycheck with benefits.
Capitalize on your most precious resource of perfect timing to catapult you to a life of magnificence.


Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until tomorrow what you could have achieved yesterday.
The only way to get to where you want to be is to become more determined than ever that you will not reside in what could have been, but you will embrace what is to be.
The only failures in life are the times that you failed to try. This is where the rubber meets the road, and you must discipline yourself to do the work.
You cannot change yesterday, you have no control over what tomorrow may bring, but you have absolute control over how you seize the day in front of you.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, until you find your dream
-Sound of Music

Wrapping it up!

Master the art of perfect timing and you will control the trajectory of your life.
Proper timing will empower you to communicate with others most effectively, elevate you to profound levels of achievement professionally, and open doors for you that otherwise would remain closed.
Capture the wave of momentum and know for certain what your objectives are in order to be most time efficient.
Remain alert in how you are balancing your time between work and leisure and remember that you must take time in order to make time work for you.
Take calculated risks and welcome advantageous opportunities when they come knocking because they don’t come around every day.
Capitalize on ideal opportunities is to keep your ear to the ground.
Find your unique niche in the world while continuing to advance and know for certain that there is no time like the present!