10 Principles for Groundbreaking Success!

“The more grounded you are, the higher you can fly.”

J.R. Rim

You must have principles to guide your life that will empower you to chart your own path and to be in absolute control of the accomplishments that you can achieve!

The following 10 principles are interconnected to achieve groundbreaking success.


Know what you are aiming for and locate the target in order to achieve success in your endeavor. Start from the ground up and decide what your end game to be.

If you want to achieve financial freedom, you must set your sights with laser like focus on an exactly how much you need to earn in order to achieve that level of independence. If you desire to be in excellent health and achieve a certain level of physical condition, you will need to determine your ideal weight, how many times you are going to exercise each week and commit yourself to a nutrition program.

You must prioritize your life to coincide with what will be required for you to attain your objective. There will be sacrifice, dedication, and discipline. You must firmly connect yourself to your conviction. Know exactly what you are striving for in life and give yourself an ultimate purpose to fulfill.


To create something truly spectacular and meaningful requires that you not leave out any of the steps unless you want to start back at square one!

If you have ever watched a competitive cooking show or home improvement program, then you know how abysmal the results can be if just one of the ingredients or steps are left out. Anytime someone believes they can leapfrog over a vital step and jump ahead they typically find themselves in a predicament and have to start all over.

In your life there will either be benefits or consequences for the choices you make. Avoid the pitfall of apparent shortcuts and carefully map out every step it will take to reach your goal.


Clarify what principles you determine are important in guiding your decision-making process and be concise. You must take personal inventory in establishing your own values and determine if your current value system is representative of what you believe and what you hold to be as important.

Confirm if your values will empower or limit you from achieving your ideal life. You must decide if those values will enable you to experience life in the most meaningful way.

Create your own core set of beliefs. Decide what values you need to establish to have the most rewarding and significant life. In addition, determine what you must be willing to sacrifice to dedicate yourself to those values. This process will enable you to open your mind to the possibilities that your value system will enable you to accomplish. 

Commitment. Determine your top ten lists of values in order of importance and refer to them continuously until they become inherently woven into the fabric of who you are.


The sooner you realize that you cannot be all things to all people, is the moment that you will feel the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders and you will be able to connect with your innermost self!

Being self-assured in your beliefs and convictions allow you to be comfortable in your own skin and be confident in who you are. You will find that you are not defensive because you are not overly concerned with impressing or persuading others.

The bottom line is you must block out detractors and be willing to chart your own path and most often you will find yourself in places that others have never been.


Consider anyone throughout history that has made a significant impact in the world, and that is someone that boldly took a stand for what they believed.

A great example is the first woman and first black woman to serve as COO of Starbucks.

She successfully implemented policy changes and racial bias training for employees in more than 8,000 stores. In addition, she bolstered Starbuck’s sustainability initiatives in her conviction for biodegradable products. In 2019 she became the only person of color to sit on Amazon’s board in large part because of strong convictions for her principles. Rosalind Brewer is a shining illustration of what can be accomplished when you act upon your convictions and stand firm for the principles that you believe.

YOU can successfully incorporate what Rosalind has achieved in your own life. First of all, she had strong core values and belief in herself. Secondly, she was not overly concerned with having everyone agree with her position. And lastly, she was willing to boldly step out and act on her convictions while implementing change that has positively affected countless lives.

“It is okay to think about, write down, and talk about what you want to do, but there then comes the time when you must act on your convictions”


Once you have implemented the previous principles and have become firmly grounded, the next step is to prepare yourself to take flight.

Boeing designs some of the most beautiful and efficient airplanes in all the world. They are well known in the industry for spending countless hours in doing whatever it takes to have the most superior aircraft. Upon undergoing such a laborious- tasks, they then have a product that they can be incredibly proud of. Their notion was never for that plane to end up in a museum, but rather to fly high in the sky and transport passengers around the globe.

As you commit yourself to identifying your target, mapping out every step, and bringing clarity and convictions to the values on which you confidently stand, you will take wings and fly. How exciting to think that you are going to have the opportunity to soar high above mediocrity and achieve superiority.


An eagle can fly higher than any other bird at up to 10,000 feet, but they are also the only bird that flies alone. They are inherently self-thinkers and do not fly in a flock to determine what direction they will fly. There are several parallels that you can utilize from this illustration.

First, you also must determine how high you want to fly. You can choose to live your life and settle with the status quo or, you can choose to elevate yourself higher.

Second, if you want to soar to stratospheric heights, you must be willing to break with the flock and think for yourself.

“Leaders do not seek out others approval to direct their course in life, but instead are independent and choose their own flight pattern.


The higher you wish to fly will be inner-dependent upon your ability to be confident in your abilities.

Have you ever witnessed an elementary school program that had young children looking around to see if they were mimicking their classmates? Obviously, they did not want to stick out and they most definitely did not want to make a mistake. Are you still looking over your shoulder to see if you are imitating others and not wanting to embarrass yourself? If so, try taking on a liberating and fresh start from this moment forward. Become self- assured in the fact that the only time you fail in life is when you fail to try.

“Instead of worrying about all that could go wrong, get excited about all that can go right. “

The best way to learn is to step out and spread your wings and trust that you can fly by yourself without a safety net.

You may not at first succeed every time, but you are, most importantly, demonstrating the courage to detach yourself from self-doubt which is vital to reaching your utmost potential.


You are going to have to overcome an occasional setback, but you are also gaining experience which is what you get every time you don’t get what you want.

“Make failure your teacher and not your undertaker.”

A new challenge keeps the brain kicking and the heart ticking and the only true setback in life occurs if you choose to stop your forward progress.

It is commonplace to look at a particular failure as just that, you failed. But did you really? Open your eyes to the fact that you can learn from every perceived setback, and it all comes down to perspective.

If you are open to learning each time you did not achieve the desired outcome, then you are actually gaining knowledge from every experience. With that perspective you never fail, but you simply evaluate what didn’t work and you move forward successfully with even more wisdom.


When you are firmly grounded in who you are, what you stand for, and principles that guide your life, you can take risks in life that otherwise would not be made available to you.

Your strongest position of strength occurs when you are not totally convinced of the outcome. Upon becoming confident in what grounds you, some of life’s greatest rewards will present themselves as a result of making yourself more vulnerable.

“Life’s greatest risks most often offer the greatest treasures.”

Know for certain that the deeper the roots you cultivate in living a principled centered life, will ultimately empower you to be at your strongest even when you are most vulnerable.

Wrapping It Up!

Groundbreaking success will be yours as you begin to guide your decision making by knowing your end game and not cheating the system-because shortcuts only make long delays.

Create a value system that will serve as a compass to navigate your steps, realizing that you are never going to please everyone as you block out detractors and take a stand for what you firmly believe.

Be self-assured in your abilities and harness yourself to resiliency because you are gaining invaluable experience every time you propel yourself forward.

You have now placed yourself in the most advantageous position to succeed, because you will have the strength to make yourself vulnerable when it matters most.