Trey Boyer is the Chief Vitality Officer and CEO for Elevation Leadership. He has experienced  a very rewarding career in elevating people’s lives to unprecedented levels as both a gifted orator and writer. Trey’s current roles in the company include being the keynote speaker, an instructor, and leadership author. He considers his life’s work to serve others and to maximize their utmost potential.

Elevation Leadership Empowerment Tools

Corporate Workshops

The mission and purpose of an Elevation Leadership led workshop is to cultivate winning corporate cultures that build ownership and personal development in the workplace for profitable outcomes.

Elevation workshops build your team with a multi-layered approach that includes working with upper level management in defining the structure and priorities of your organization. Additionally, a corporate roadmap with clearly defined benchmarks is created to measure results as well as determining specific goals to be met.

This collaborative process will set the stage for positive attitudes, high expectations, and landmark achievements to occur. Elevation Leadership also provides ongoing in person or online training to ensure that your organization has continued success that will vastly outpace the industry standard. You don’t have to settle with the rest when you can have the best and we at Elevation Leadership are committed to ensuring that you are the model by which all others are measured. 

Keynote Presentations

Elevation Leadership keynotes are uniquely crafted for your organization to achieve unprecedented results by incorporating walkaway actionable strategies in addition to being highly entertaining.

The message gives a blueprint for excellence in a step-by-step format that is illustrated with analogies and captivating stories to further illuminate the content. Most notably, Trey is an engaging storyteller that has audience members on the edge of their seats and craving to hear what he has to say next.

The end result of attending an Elevation Leadership keynote, is that every person in attendance walks away with an insatiable desire to reach their utmost potential. Most importantly, deeply rooted content is given that can be applied immediately for life changing results. As Trey likes to say- soon is not a time, sum is not a number, so What Are You Waiting For? With that being said, ensure that you have a seat to receive the keys that will unlock the future that you deserve.

Executive Coaching

Receiving Executive Coaching from Elevation Leadership will empower you to stand out without burning out and teach you how to achieve stratospheric levels of success that will elevate you to the next level.

The standard of excellence that Elevation Leadership establishes is predicated on achieving a positive work/life balance. This is accomplished by setting attainable objectives and becoming a savant in time management.  In the process, your star power rises, and you begin to actualize the fullness of your abilities.

Ultimately, executive coaching holds you accountable in reaching your utmost potential and in becoming the foremost version of yourself. Elevation Leadership is blessed to have seasoned experienced leadership in coaching that will provide you with the discipline and commitment that is crucial in attaining the pinnacle of your talents. Realize that the time that you invest yourself will yield the highest rate of return in your investment and empower you to experience the life that most could only dream of achieving.

Self-Enhancement Books

Establishing the skillset to successfully navigate your way through life requires wisdom and knowledge that can only be brought to fruition by applying yourself to the process of learning.

We at Elevation Leadership are committed to bringing you the most valuable and current information that can positively impact your life. It is for that reason that we have made multiple self-enhancement books available for your continued learning by personal growth author Trey Boyer.

Through our enriched reading materials, you will be given the tools in how to be successful in every season. You will discover personal attributes to attain, how to build an unshakable foundation, and how to ignite your inner genius. In the process, you will learn a new way to think, how to maximize your full potential, and how to use setbacks in life as setups for extraordinary successes to ensue. Most importantly, you will unlock your full potential and the only question that you need to answer is, What Are You Waiting For?